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The SourNinja Dual Wield gives you full x16 Desktop Graphics Card Performance in your laptop. The only question left is... 'What are you Dual Wielding?'

SourNinja Dual Weild

GTFO with extremely expensive laptop graphics card upgrades, now you can have any card you want at desktop prices. The SourNinja Dual Wield allows you to plug the highest end gaming graphics cards into your laptop for $79.99 USD.

So you have an extremely expensive laptop, and you said to yourself, "This is an amazing purchase that I will never regret..." Six months later menu FPS has you leading your mouse clicks as your K/D forgets to wipe while sliding directly into the toilet! To make things worse a mobile graphics card upgrade costs more than the laptop itself.

That will never happen again! With the SourNinja Dual Wield your laptop can utilize FULL desktop graphics card performance for whatever you are doing. If you need a graphics card upgrade you can simply buy the latest in desktop graphics cards and run it at full x16 speeds!

Your laptop is mutated into a powerhouse, no longer will you be laughed out of lobby for your underwhelming FPS. The SourNinja Dual Wield has a very small footprint and can take any graphics card you slap into it.

Support for the latest laptops and all the way back, SourNinja Dual Wield is backwards compatible with even the oldest of laptops bringing your gaming rigs back from the dead.